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Dallas and Dalia Royce (Suburgatory) are great

Why: a fresh take on the expected mean girl I find Suburgatory a comic gem that is over looked. To be fair, it can get a little precious at times, but it’s always funny and on the big plus side has the characters of Dallas and Dalia Royce. This mom and daughter should be the […]


Blog hop giveaways are great

I’m participating in my first blog hop giveaway. Should be fun! Thanks to Minnie of Sunset Reader Reviews and Catie of Forbidden Passions for co-hosting. Come back that week to enter!


Emily Thorne (Revenge) is great

  Why: a vulnerable mastermind Revenge stories are tough. Sure, they’re about getting justice for terrible wrongs left unpunished. But there is always collateral damage. In a two hour movie, it’s fairly easy to ensure that the bad guys remain villainous. We cheer their downfall because the character trait overriding all others is that of […]


Trolling for new darlings

Anyone who knows me, in person or on Goodreads, knows that I love me some YA. All kinds. All the time. That said, sometimes, I need a break from the dark side. I want to laugh. Turn away from those moody mopes and distressed damsels to laugh with the queens of quip, bastions of banter […]


Raylan Givens (Justified) is great

Why: a seemingly inflexible moral code that he uses to his advantage. Moral codes are important because they tell us how a character is going to act in any given situation. Now, most of the time, we can assume that a character’s moral code is pretty much in line with that of our general society. […]


Tallulah Bankhead is great

Why: She was a hell of a character. I never said my darlings were all fictitious… Today I must relate the wonderful and I hope, true, story of when Tallulah met Chico Marx. Chico was a famed womanizer and when he saw Tallulah at a party, decided he had to meet her. Groucho tried to […]


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