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Down with newsletters

I snapped this morning. See, I had this boring “sign up for a newsletter” on my site. And no one really signed up. Plus I never wrote a newsletter. I think general consensus was none of us wanted that. And I am totally relieved. So I’ve decided to stop trying to be a lofty “autheur” […]


Elphaba (Wicked) is great

Why: she makes us all believe in the heroism of an iconic villain. Every villain is the hero of her story. Remember that. We’ll come back to it in a minute. Audience expectation plays a role when creating character. If I want to write a story about Santa but in my version he’s an evil […]


MacKayla (Fever) is great… so what happened to Dani (ICED)?

Why: a clear goal that keeps the urgency and forward momentum and cements Mac as the centre in a personal and relevant way SPOILERS ON BOTH BOOKS AHEAD: I just read ICED, which is Dani’s spin-off from the Fever series. I was SO excited to read this book. My love for Fever borders on obsessive […]


Hollow bloghop giveaways are great… so enter!

So happy to be part of the Hollow Bloghop giveaway. Thanks to Sunset Reader and Forbidden Passions for co-hosting. I’ll be giving away one signed copy of my debut YA romantic comedy entitled Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls. While you’re here, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter (on sidebar) or say hi […]


Book launches are great

Last night I had the book launch for my debut YA romantic comedy book entitled Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls. It was an incredible and heady feeling. About 60 people came out to help me celebrate. I also read a couple of passages (video to be posted soon on my Sam Cruz book page). […]


Weeping Angels (Doctor Who) are great

Why: because they are scary as sh**! Let’s face it, when it comes to moments that haunt you for years after, there are a lot of greats. Maybe it’s Carrie’s hand shooting out of the grave (an image which made me fear going up open staircases for ages). Or you might prefer Jason, supposedly dead, […]


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