Tellulah’s Sassy Musings

Trolling for new darlings

Anyone who knows me, in person or on Goodreads, knows that I love me some YA. All kinds. All the time. That said, sometimes, I need a break from the dark side. I want to laugh. Turn away from those moody mopes and distressed damsels to laugh with the queens of quip, bastions of banter […]


Raylan Givens (Justified) is great

Why: a seemingly inflexible moral code that he uses to his advantage. Moral codes are important because they tell us how a character is going to act in any given situation. Now, most of the time, we can assume that a character’s moral code is pretty much in line with that of our general society. […]


Tallulah Bankhead is great

Why: She was a hell of a character. I never said my darlings were all fictitious… Today I must relate the wonderful and I hope, true, story of when Tallulah met Chico Marx. Chico was a famed womanizer and when he saw Tallulah at a party, decided he had to meet her. Groucho tried to […]


Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) is great

Why: he transcends the sidekick stereotype It’s not easy being a sidekick. Yeah, I know, the division of labour in Breaking Bad is theoretically a partnership, but Walt is the brains and with his cancer, the heart of the show. And yet… There are a lot of ways that Jesse could have been portrayed.  Some […]


Jericho Barrons (Fever series) is great

Why: sexy in deed not just looks. Boys, turn away now…. Are they gone? Okay. Let’s talk alpha male. Staple of most romances. Who doesn’t love the sexy, strong, (bordering on?) domineering type who’ll fulfill your ever fantasy, keep you safe and adore you with a burning intensity. In real life, we call them stalkers. […]


Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls: book trailer

We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming to do a happy dance that there is a new book trailer for my debut YA novel entitled Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls. Watch it, post it, tweet it and otherwise share it with older teens/adults who are fans of sexy romantic comedies. Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide […]


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