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Curl up with a good book Sunday: Bellweather Rhapsody

I have a sneaking suspicion that between this cover and the title, that if I’d seen Bellwether Rhapsody before having it recommended to me, I wouldn’t have given it a second glance and that would have been a real shame. Synopsis: A high school music festival goes awry when a young prodigy disappears from a hotel room […]


Curl up with a good book Sunday: Sutphin Boulevard

I started off thinking Sutphin Boulevard was simply going to be a hot and dirty m/m. Holy cow, was I wrong and I’m glad I was. Synopsis: Michael Rodriguez and Nunzio Medici have been friends for two decades. From escaping their dysfunctional families in the working-class neighborhood of South Jamaica, Queens to teaching in one of […]


Curl up with a good book Sunday: The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

Reading the synopsis, this could be any one of a number of books. But Jennifer Ashley does something so memorable with our hero, that I instantly fell in love with The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie – and all the brothers in the series. A love that continued through my recent re-read. Synopsis: The year is […]


Let the New Adult Scavenger Hunt begin!

Let the games begin! Welcome, darlings! I’m Tellulah and you’re on the hunt for exclusive bonus material from both old favs and newly beloved authors, not to mention the chance to win excellent prizes! Somewhere in this post you’ll find a clue (number) you need to add up with the other Team Purple authors’ clues to […]


New Adult Scavenger Hunt – Save the date!

Hey everyone! No Curl Up With Good Book Sunday because I wanted to give you all a heads up about the New Adult Scavenger Hunt I’m participating in as part of Team Purple. There will be three teams of authors showcasing bonus content from our books as well as amazing prizes to win. The hunt […]


Curl up with a good book Sunday: In a Fix

In the mood for a funny UF, I was worried that I’d exhausted all the series possibilities already. Then I stumbled across In a Fix and my problem was solved. Synopsis: Snagging a marriage proposal for her client while on an all-expenses-paid vacation should be a simple job for Ciel Halligan, aura adaptor extraordinaire. A […]


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